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Since 2005

My passion for technology began in 2005, when I got my first Nokia feature phone. Since then, I have explored various platforms and devices, from Android to Windows phone to iOS, satisfying my curiosity and enthusiasm for the phones. its not about features to me, its all about the Art in the design to software to the overall experience with it. 

To me, a smartphone is not just a phone, but a multifunctional device that can serve as a camera, a music player, a movie theatre, and more. All of that while still it can be carried to anywhere with you. 
That is why I created “By JoinTheAvid”, a brand that encompasses my YouTube channels and website, where I share relevant and engaging tech content, useful information about my favorite smartphones, and insights into the latest trends and innovations in the smartphone industry.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” – Matt Mullenweg


Currently one man army
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