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Galaxy S25 Ultra – Killer Upgrades! Samsung Gonna Change It Finally..

Samsung Galaxy S25 ultra concept.​
Samsung Galaxy S25 ultra concept.

I’m a fan of any ultra models from Samsung mostly because of all the camera capabilities and if you don’t know recently we heard that Samsung is dropping the 10 megapixel 3x zoom camera on the upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra & yes, that is true. 100% true.

And I’m totally happy about that too, even though I personally love the 3x camera for the prospective is because they’re dropping the 10 megapixel 3x camera for a 50 megapixel 3x zoom camera.

And that is really a big upgrade if you love that perspective. For reference the last few Samsung Ultra models since the Galaxy s21 ultra let’s say has a 10MP 3x Camera with f2.4 aperture

They might have more wider aperture as well to compensate more megapixels. The current 3x camera has better aperture than all the older 10MP 10x or recent 5x zoom camera on the Galaxy S24 ultra.

The 50MP 5X camera with the same sensor crop technology will remain unchanged but maybe it will have better aperture than the f3.4 of the current Galaxy S24 ultra.

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But the UW angle camera is also gonna be a 50 megapixel camera. Maybe they will use the same sensor on all of them but overall it’s a big upgrade over the current 12 megapixel F2.2 UW camera. Hopefully it will not be grainy in the lower light like most UW cameras.

Now in the past we have also heard that Samsung might even ditch their own ISOCELL cameras in favor of Sony’s LYTIA sensors for most of its cameras. Except the main camera.

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For the main camera, though. It has been 200 megapixels since the Galaxy S23 Ultra. But it’s still the same sized sensor as the S22 Ultra’s 108MP unit. It’s 1/1.3” sensor with pixels f1.7 aperture.

So now its a time for a change. Certain reports claim that the main camera is still gonna be 200 megapixels, but. It’s gonna be a 1-inch type sensor.

This is just gonna be a dream come true thing if it does happen or at least they could closer to the 1-inch like 1/1.14 inches or so like the upcoming iPhone pro models. Xiaomi Vivo doing amazing job with their main cameras 1” or almost 1” sensors.

But that’s not the only upgrade coming the Galaxy S25 Ultra. The SoC or chipset is also getting a big upgrade. It will be powered by Snapdragon 8 gen 4 for galaxy chipset.

Recently leaked Geekbench score of the Snapdragon 8 gen 4 shows about 3,000 Points in single core and 10,000 points in multicore scores. For reference, the A17 Pro on the Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max performs 3,000 on single core and 7,900 on the multicore scores.

Whereas the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 only performs 2,200 points in the single core and 7,400 in the multicore scores.

In terms of CPU cores. It will have two cortex X5 core running at 4.26 gigahertz as prime cores & six performance cortex A730 cores running at 2.8 gigahertz.

But this is a total different core cluster compared to the last snapdragon flagship chip. It has too much of powerful cores and there is no efficiency cores at all. Maybe the performance cores are that much efficient. Yes, it will be made by TSMC using their own 3nm process node.

Now the thing is there were rumors saying Samsung Galaxy S25 series goes all exynos. And I don’t think that’s happening. it mostly because Samsung wanted to rely on their exynos division more than Qualcomm But I know that this is gonna have a massive backlash. And Samsung is not ready for that.

But one odd thing is their Galaxy S25 ultra will not see a battery upgrade at least in the raw capacity, it’s still gonna be a 5000 mAh battery. I don’t know why they are not putting a 5300 mAh or 5500 mAh battery in it even though it does have very little space after that camera island But it will have about 10% more battery life, which will be actually great because already current model doing amazing but thanks to AI. The battery. AI will eliminate non essential tasks to increase overall runtime without affecting the phone’s performance. Hopefully it will not down clock the CPU and GPU to save the battery.

But then you might be thinking does it have any difference in the display department? Well, the current display is already so good there is nothing Samsung can do to differentiate it that much. I mean, it’s already a flat panel, it’s a square display, it’s a 6.8 inch big panel, very high resolution but Brightness might go up, and it will be a much more efficient panel, but the exact numbers are still not known.

But the screen size of the smaller model might change, for example. The Galaxy S24 model will jump from 6.2 inches to 6.36 inches, that change also could mean that the bezels are gonna be even more thinner but also the phone dimension will also change slightly.

But one thing that is coming is a massive redesign. Like the overall phone design will change. The current design of the Galaxy S24 ultra is kinda been in the market since the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Doesn’t mean it’s bad but we need a new design.

And Samsung is coming up with a new design acoording many reports tough we still don’t have any leaks regarding the exact changes in design but hopefully soon we are gonna get the CAD renders and I will definitely update you guys about that. but we know that the camera module will change quite a bit. My favorite is still the Galaxy S10 plus rear look but you let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below

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