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iOS 18 – All the Changes listed.. WOW Apple

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iOS 18 is coming this fall with so many changes and new features to enhance the iPhone experience. Here’s the full list of what’s coming:

  1. Customization Options: You can Place apps anywhere and customize them with yours chosen colors and they also support dark mode too. You can pick color of the wallpaper.
  2. Widgets: Now you can resize widgets right from the home screen without going to the widget hub to do. You can even make it an app icon if it’s taking up space too much.
  3. Hide & Lock Apps: You can now hide any apps from the Home Screen and all apps menu. It will be packed in FaceID locked folder named hidden. Or you can click and hold on any app to select to lock it with FaceID or passcode.
  4. Control Center Redesign: Control Centre is fully refreshed. You can customize and resize any buttons and add any new buttons right from there. Also the power menu options is at the top right corner in the control Centre. You can access all the connectivity or music control page separately by just scrolling and reach to home controls.
  5. Redesigned Photos App: The biggest redesign ever for the Photos app, which seemed more unnecessary to me but you have to do less finger movements to access most stuffs with one page photo library UI. You can now be able to magically erase people in the background of your photo using Apple intelligence on supported hardwares.
  6. Mail App Updates: Mail will rewrite your emails in your preferred tone.(professional casual or standard)and it will sort email into categories using on-device intelligence
  7. Messages Over Satellite: now you will ne able to send iMessage and normal messages to anyone even when there’s no cellular or Wi-Fi connection using satellite connectivity. But only few iMessage system will work.
  8. Apple Intelligence: it combines generative models with personal context to provide better results but it will be sprinkled on everything coming to iOS 18. At the same time it will be restricted to only supported hardwares. Features like Notes or emails can be rewritten, rough drawing in notes can be turned into a real look generated photo, it can fill an empty space with a photo if needed analysing the content at the side.
  9. New Siri and Generative AI: Siri has a new look and it can do a lot of stuffs inside an app, like you can tell siri create a specific folder inside files app. Or ask siri open the photo you took with someone specific on a specific date or ask when your relative is landing at the airport assuming that they have send you their flight details in iMessage or mail.
  10. New Accessibility Features: there’s one feature which though needs one time calibration, will allow you to use the iphone with only your eyes. Really cool.
  11. RCS Support in Messages: Improved texting experience between iPhones and Android devices with RCS support.
  12. New Passwords App: A dedicated app for managing passwords, passkeys, wifi passwords more efficiently. Which gives you suggestions on security and everything related to passwords. Same old settings feature but as an separate app.
  13. Upgrades to Messages: Additional text effects and you can use emoji’s as reaction to messages. Plus can create Genmoji using generative AI on supported devices and you can send schedule messages too now.
  14. Limit Access to contacts: Now you can limit the access to only specific contacts to specific apps.
  15. Game mode: it will reduce the background activity to make sure the game performs well with better frame rates and it will reduce the latency in the AirPods.
  16. Call Recorder: Phone app will finally be able to record call but it will notify the other party as well. You can see the transcription of that call and summarise it using AI. There’s also T9 dialing for faster search.
  17. AirPods Pro 2nd gen: you can nod or shake your head to say yes and no to a call respectively without saying anything loud in places you don’t feel comfortable to do so.
  18. Settings App Revamp: A redesigned Settings app including sub settings like updates, general settings and all. Plus Apps are now in a separate folder named apps including first party apps
  19. Charging Limits: Yes now you can set charging limit between 80% – 85% and so on to 100% on the iPhone 15 models
  20. Calculator app: its now better integrated with the notes app which now allows you to write any math equations with your finger and apple pencil on ipads. And the coolest part is it will calculate this and write it in your own handwriting. Really cool. You can literally write variable and their values and it will be able to solve it and will provide graphs in case you need that but on the supported hardwares like iPhone 15 pro models and iPads and Macs powered by apple silicon.
  21. Notes: Notes also allows you to do a recording with transcription and it’s summary.
  22. OpenAI Partnership: You can be able to use ChatGPT4 on your iphone without logging in.
  23. App Enhancements: New stuffs added to apps like Apple Music, Apple Maps, Notes,, health, journal, fitness, Safari, and others.
  24. Tap to cash: you can send someone money by tapping two phones with each other like how name drop works without sharing any personal infos with them.
  25. Music Haptics: it will allow haptics work with beats to give it more liveliness.
  26. Tiny Stuffs: There are so many tiny animations added when you turn on flash or press the buttons on the sides and other changes in dynamic island. Plus stop watch works now in Dynamic Island.
  27. Privacy: Apple is also taking a big step towards making the Apple intelligence with context a private system. Most of the things will be on device. But few things that requires servers, it will use very secure Private Cloud Computeusing Apple silicon computers. Craig says “we’ve designed the system so that independent experts can verify these protections.”
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