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Galaxy S24 Ultra – Big 200MP camera Upgrade.

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra will come with many updgrades and TOO much of on-device AI in it to make it even more smarter. Some of the credit definitely goes to the snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy Chipset. But that’s not the full story either, most of the camera improvemnts are in the samsung software and samsung’s Raw Hardware. so whats the specs?

Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • Main 200MP HP2SX 1/1.3″ sensor with 0.6μm pixel size.
  • Ultra-Wide 12MP Sony IMX564 1/2.55″ sensor with 1.4μm pixel size.
  • 3x Telephoto 10MP Sony IMX754+ 1/3.52″ sensor with 1.12μm pixel size.
  • 5x Telephoto 48MP GMU 1/2.25″ sensor with 0.8μm pixel size
  • 12MP selfie camera

Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus

  • 50 MP (OIS, PDAF)
  • 10 MP 3x (Telephoto)
  • 12 MP (Ultra-wide)
  • 12MP selfie

In a recent video on YouTube, Samsung (via Android Authority) showcased some impressive camera tricks expected to debut with a new 200MP camera.

One of the presented camera features is the ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace. This technology utilizes a combination of proprietary AI tracking and Qualcomm’s AI engine on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Zoom Anyplace enables automatic zoom and subject tracking in videos, capturing both close-up and wide-angle perspectives simultaneously. This results in two high-resolution video views from a single camera, ensuring consistent colors and angles at different zoom levels.

Real-time subject tracking is a key feature of Zoom Anyplace, allowing it to maintain focus on a subject as it moves within a scene. Additionally, this feature enables flexible zooming in any direction while preserving the 4K video resolution.

In addition to Zoom Anyplace, Samsung is introducing new E2E AI Remosaic tech. This promises faster image processing without compromising quality, expected to speed up image capture by up to 2x.

With the innovative in-sensor zoom technology by Tetra2pixel, users can enjoy the full resolution of 12.5MP in any zoom level. Unlike the conventional digital zoom that reduces the image quality and the field of view when zooming in. it theoretically resulted in 0.78MP (12.5MP/16) image resolution. the in-sensor zoom allows users to select any region of interest from the whole image and remosaic it to preserve the original resolution. This means that the 200MP wide camera can zoom in up to 4x without any loss of quality or angle change. This feature enables users to capture more realistic and vivid videos.

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