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iPhone 16 & iPhone 16 Pro Max – Best Upgrades for iPhone 14 owners!

This is the iPhone 16 the cheapest of the iPhone 16 lineup that includes the iPhone 16 pro max, iPhone 16 pro and the iPhone 16 plus. The biggest change in design department is actually its new camera bump. Which looks totally different from the iPhone 15 or iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 but looks very similar to the iPhone 11, or even iPhone X for that matter.

iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus​ renders
iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus renders

But also the camera lens size is actually gonna be bigger or similar to the last pro model. So maybe it will have the same 48 megapixel camera, you can find inside the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 14 pro models.

Unlike the iPhone 15 models, Action Button is gone be present in all the iPhone 16 models but there’s a chance that the size of the Action Button will increase or maybe it won’t. Because there is a confusion regarding that but it’s not the most important button on the device unlike the Capture button. Yes, a new capture button will be present on the right side below the power button on all the models to enhance the camera experience. This button though is a solid state button, not a normal depressing mechanism based button.

This will actually work with the taptic Engine to give you that feel of a button a real button but it’s not a real button. I think this is the first step towards making all buttons, solid state buttons for future iPhone.

This button is rumoured to be pressure and touch sensitive so thats you can do certain things using squeeze, double squeeze gestures and also have the option to slide to zoom and stuff like that. That’s the reason why its a wide and big button comparatively.

iPhone 16 vs iPhone 15 ​capture button
iPhone 16 vs iPhone 15 capture button

In terms of dimensions though, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 models don’t really have that much difference in dimensions, they are almost similar. Except the iPhone 16 is more thicker compared to the 15 series, So you will need to buy a new case again.

But this change also means the battery obviously is also gonna be quite a bit bigger but for the standard models. it’s 3,561 mAh on the iPhone 16 up from 3,349 mAh.

But for the iPhone 16 plus, it’s gonna be slightly smaller. Like 4,006 mAh battery, down from 4,383 mAh on the iPhone 15 plus. Maybe they’re betting too much on the efficiency factor of this device.

iPhone 16 vs iPhone 15 dimensions

This also means the screen size is gonna be similar 6.1 inch for the smaller iPhone 16 model and 6.7 inch for the bigger iPhone 26 plus model, but same isn’t happening with the pro model though, they’re getting bigger screen sizes. 6.3 inch for the pro model and 6.9 inches for the pro max, that’s a big size. On top of that all these screens are rumored to have more higher brightness than the last models at 1200 nits of manual high brightness up from 1000 nits of the last models.

Now for the automatic peak brightness it’s kind of unknown at this point but it is rumored that all of them will have 2,600 nits so peak brightness, but that’s something that is not confirmed.

Now because the Pro models will be bigger they also will have bigger battery cells like 3,355 mAh which is about 2.5% larger than the last model with 3,274 and the iPhone 16 Pro max will actually have 4,676 mAh battery. Which is 5% larger than the iPhone 15 Pro max with 4,422.

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iPhone, 15 Pro Max versus iPhone 16 Pro Max​
iPhone, 15 Pro Max versus iPhone 16 Pro Max

It’s a good upgrade. But one thing that I would say is that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 plus still gonna have 60 hertz panel, unlike the Pro models which have will have the promotion technology. Another thing is that all the iPhone 16 standard models will have thinner bezels like the iPhone 15 Pro models except the pro models will feature 1.14mm bezels down from 1.7mm, really crazy.

Just like the display difference between the Pro and the standard model, Ultra-Wide angle camera will also be different. iPhone 16 Pro models will get a 48 megapixel ultrawide angle camera unlike the standard models which will still continue to have about 12 megapixel unit.

Also the 5X telephoto lens will not be exclusive to the iPhone 16 Pro Max anymore, it will also come to the iPhone 16 Pro model too. There’s a chance that the iPhone 16 Pro Max might get 10x lense, but I will stay from the rumour as of yet. 5x seems more likely to stay.

The standard models will still gonna have the same 2X phantom zoom using sensor crop feature on a new updated main camera sensor that’s that’s a good change. The main module is going to be 1/1.28” in size similar to the current iPhone 15 Pro Max. However Pro models are rumored to come with even more bigger sensor almost 1” sensor, its gonna be 1/1.14” in size. Which is indeed gonna be a major upgrade.

iPhone 16 Pro Max concept renders​
iPhone 16 Pro Max concept renders by majin bu on X.com

Now the Pro models color options include space black, white, gray and rose color options.

Another small little change that will be exclusive to the iPhone 16 pro models is that the frame is going to be more glossy compared to the iPhone 15 pros Brushed finished.

Other than that Apple’s A18 Pro and A18 chipset Gonna come with a lot of improvements and the pro chipset will be differentiated from the base A18 in terms of CPU clock speed and GPU cores.

It’s seems like a very good upgrade for most people who are using iPhone 14 or older models.

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