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Apple iPhone 16 Pro – Not a Typical iPhone Upgrade

iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max

This year the iPhone 16 Pro and the Pro Max will not see a major change in the design department at the back but doesn’t mean it doesn’t have changes anywhere else, we know that it does have a new button called Capture button which is going to be a touch and pressure sensitive button but not actual real button and it will have the haptics to mimic the real button feel. This will actually be used to enhance the camera experience of the iPhone 16 true and Pro Max. By the way, this button is also rumored to come on the normal standard models too. Anyway, the pro phones are gonna be larger like 6.9 inch display for the Pro Max and about 6.3 inch display for the iPhone 16 Pro which could also mean that they will have more thinner bezels.

Other than that, we also know in the design department that this year, we are finally gonna have the rose color and space black color. Now the space black is something that is just like another shade of black, I guess but there’s gonna be golden color called rose.

All these phones will also have much enhanced microphones for much better signal to noise ratio. Now, you might be thinking what it does mean, well, the thing is Siri will get a lot of AI infused features thanks to iOS 18 and according to some leakers this will also be powered by Google’s Gemini.

I don’t think Gemini is that good but at the very least it is better than not having at all. Now, the A18 pro chipset will actually power the iPhone 16 Pro models. Now this non-pro variant of the chip will actually power the standard iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 plus yes, they are still making an iPhone 16 Plus according to many many rumors and one of them actually coming from Sony dickson, very reliable about this And he’s showcased something really cool, metal dummy units.

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The dummy units shows few big things like the new camera housing of the standard iPhone 16 models because 3D capturing for Apple Vision Pro requires vertical camera bump unlike the iPhone 15 models diagonal camera placements. Which though look really good but reminds me of the iPhone X and iPhone 11. We can also see the Action button and new capture button coming to all the models.

With iPhone 15 Pro series we saw that Titanium frame on the iPhone for the first time. But compared to stainless steel which was previously used for all the pros titanium made the side frames matte finished or brush finished.

Some people really liked it but it also looked kind of dull looking one. Anyway, it does look like Apple isn’t also a huge fan of that like many. According tipster, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Promax will also feature a new titanium technology.

I don’t know what that does mean, but Apple will probably use an improved method and a glossy material for the side frame, so it’s still gonna be titanium inside, but maybe something coating on top.

Now I wanted in the iPhone 16 standard models one feature that is not coming is the highly refresh rate yeah, it’s still gonna stick to 60 hertz only and that’s disappointing. I mean, they could just upgrade that panel. But the thing is that all this models might also get even more brighter thanks to newer Samsungs display panels.But all of them will still have that same Dynamic Island, no hole punch cut out which is coming to the pro models next year.

The biggest changes are coming to this the camera sensors, well the pro model will also get 12MP 5x zoom sensor from the current Pro Max, so all the pro models will actually have 5X zoom camera system. But the main camera is apparently gonna be 1/1.14 inches in size making it much bigger for a tiny smartphone compared to the 1/1.28” sensor found inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Promax which is already big but this is gonna be even bigger getting close to that 1” type sensor.

Also, if you don’t know the UW camera, this time is gonna be much higher in resolution. 48 megapixels. Don’t know what is the sensor size gonna be or the aperture but This is a big upgrade.

Battery and charging gonna see big upgrades. iPhone 16 models will support faster charging compared to current models. And will offer bigger battery sizes compared to iPhone 15 models, mostly.

iPhone 16: 3561mAh (3349mAh, +6%)

iPhone 16 Plus: 4006mAh (4383mAh, -8.6%)

iPhone 16 Pro: 3355mAh  (3274mAh, +2.47%)

iPhone 16 Pro Max: 4676mAh (4422mAh, +5.7%)


  • Design:
    • No major changes at the back.
    • Introduction of a new Capture button (touch and pressure sensitive) to enhance camera experience.
    • Larger displays: 6.9 inches for Pro Max, 6.3 inches for iPhone 16 Pro.
    • New colors: Rose and Space Black.
  • iOS 18:
    • Better Homescreen experience.
    • Siri to receive AI-infused features via iOS 18, possibly powered by Google’s Gemini.
  • Chipset:
    • A18 Pro chipset for iPhone 16 Pro models.
    • Non-Pro variant for standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus.
  • Camera:
    • 5X zoom camera system for all iPhone 16 Pro models.
    • Bigger Main camera sensor: 1/1.14 inches 
    • Higher Ultra-wide camera resolution
  • Battery and Charging:
    • Faster charging support.
    • Increased battery sizes:

Let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below, what do you think about the iPhone 16 Pro Max? Are you gonna upgrade from the 15 pro max?

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