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Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra – A New ERA in Samsung Watches!

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra has a square design with rounded dial
Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra has a square design with rounded dial

Samsung’s next unpacked event is scheduled to happen on 10th of July 2024, which isn’t that far away, If you think about it. This is where we gonna see the Galaxy watch 7 lineup this year. The lineup will have the standard Galaxy watch 7, watch 7 classic, then there is gonna be Galaxy Watch 7 pro / Galaxy Watch 7 ultra. Now it could be named either way, but I am leaning towards the “ultra” name because it will look totally different from the last pro we had. The premium watch might be called “Samsung Galaxy Watch X” instead.

If you don’t know, Samsung has also kind of tease that new premium galaxy watch models coming and also mention the introduction of a new form factors like galaxy ring, which is going to be a very interesting product, but not so much as the galaxy watch 7 ultra to me because if you don’t know Samsung will build it first rectangular watch in years with the ultra and it will look like this.

Now the leaks are coming from a very reliable source, so no trust issues and it shows that it does have a circular dial and it’s still a square watch which is very interesting take on a new galaxy watch design because usually Apple Watches are square while the Galaxy watches has been rounded since forever not taking the fitness bands into account. This is kinda in between one. This will definitely allow the watch to have much more space for battery and many other things for sure also it’s kinda looks weird at least in this renders in both good and bad ways. I’m not complaining fully, but I’m not saying it’s a beautiful design either because the Galaxy watch five Pro looked really amazing to me. It will need to grow on me slowly.

Galaxy watch 7 ultra design renders By onleaks
Galaxy watch 7 ultra design renders By onleaks

One reason I can think of why Samsung did this kind of weird thing like rounded dial on this square watch is because of the operating system. WearOS actually works really well on these kind of circular watches. This is one way where Samsung can make you happy with the square watch if you care yet they will have to work less on the UI side of the things for the watch because it still does gonna have the rotating bezel. what you think about the design, sound in the comments.

There are two buttons and rotating crown it seems. Now we know what the crown gonna do, but what about those two buttons or if the crown can also work as a button, then what about these three buttons? I think there is one button which could work as an action button like that, on the Apple Watch ultra. At the back it shows a lot of health sensors including a temperature sensor like the watch 5 pro.

The display measurements is actually like this 1.5” in diameter, the same as the Galaxy watch 6 classic and is said to measure 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm, which is actually slightly more larger than the Galaxy watch 6 classic and mostly because of the design.

Now at the side you can see the bigger speaker grill, so maybe it will have much better speakers and also the band design seems a little bit different but we can’t really confirm as of yet.

Galaxy watch 7 ultra design renders By onleaks
Galaxy watch 7 ultra design renders By onleaks

The battery is gonna be 578mAh battery. This is slightly more better than the 573 mAh battery found inside the Galaxy watch 5 Pro. I’m talking about the rated battery capacity Not the typical one. The typical one on the watch 5 pro was 590mAh so maybe Samsung will claim something like 600 mAh battery or so, and on top of that the chip is going to upgrade, at least in the name in the department will not be called W940 as as per the past report, rather it will be called Exynos W1000. It’s a 3nm chipset up from 5nm Exynos inside the last models. According to some reports the galaxy watch 7 series will be about 30% more faster than 50% more efficient compared to the last gen Galaxy Watch models.

Do you know that Galaxy Watch FE model coming too, which is gonna be a rebadged Galaxy Watch 4 with new chipset inside, similar idea to the galaxy tab S6 lite. Both been spotted online on FCC website.

But unlike the Galaxy Watch FE model the Galaxy Watch 7 ultra will have 32 GB of space inside. Is that really helpful for me? not that much but still a good upgrade.

No, we still don’t know what are the new features coming to the WearOS 5 but AI will be infused in this and few changes here and there but not a big major update.

The Galaxy Watch X will reportedly be water resistant up to 100m (330ft), same as the Apple Watch Ultra.

And recently, a Samsung press release says, even though it doesn’t mention the galaxy watch 7 specifically, that is a blood glucose monitoring system coming to the galaxy devices. Maybe coming to the Galaxy Watch 7 classic and Galaxy Watch 7 ultra, but at least it is coming.

What about the pricing? I don’t expect the pricing to change all that much with the Galaxy Watch 7 series because they’re gonna be very minor upgrade for both the Galaxy Watch 7 standard and the Galaxy Watch 7 classic except the watch ultra, so the still Galaxy Watch 7 will start at $299 for the 40mm model and the price could increase up to $479 for the classic cellular variant, Galaxy Watch 7 ultra could start at $540 or more. These are the speculative prices of these Galaxy Watch 7 models.

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