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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra – Will it be Exynos only ??

Samsung Exynos SoC​
Samsung Exynos SoC

Basically if you look at it from long distance, the Galaxy S24 series look like S23 series. That’s not entirely bad because the S23 series looks amazing but the problem is that Samsung has been using the same design for the Ultras since the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Well actually a popular South Korean leaker has learned from company sources that the S25 range will look significantly different from the S24 series including the ultra and the standard models. At this point we don’t have an idea how it will look like but they’re going to be some significant design changes. The leaker actually says that the base models display will increase from 6.2 inches to 6.36 inches. This could totally be the even more thinner bezels means the form factor will not see that much changes at all.

Now a couple of rumors also says that the Galaxy S25 and the Galaxy S25 plus will also ditch the current Samsung made ISOCELL GN3 sensor as the main camera and adopt a newer Sony sensor. There’s huge main camera changes coming to the Galaxy S25 Ultra thanks to 1” main sensor and more chbages to the telephoto zoom systems.

Galaxy S23 Ultra in Green​
Galaxy S23 Ultra in Green

If you don’t know, Snapdragon 8 gen 4 chipset is gonna be one heck of a powerful chipset According to a leaker the geekbench 6 score suggests that it will be 2845 for the single core and 10,628 for the multicore score. This is as good of a power as the Apple’s M3 processor. This is incredible.

Mostly happening because Qualcomm will skip ARM CPU cores, in favour of their own Orion CPU cores and Phoenix cores as prime & high performance cores respectively. Maybe one orion core will be clocked at 4.3 gigahertz, a number that we haven’t heard in the smartphone industry at all. And the phoenix cores are going to be clocked at 3.8 gigahertz. So this is incredible amount of power inside this CPU.

According to sammobile, samsung spend $8.87 billion on mobile chipsets in 2023, a 3.1% increase over what Samsung paid for these parts the previous year. Part of that increase was due to the 30% hike in chip prices that Samsung had to deal with in 2023.

So by using their own Exynos chips, they can skip this. They also have plans on investing more money into making the Exynos even more competitive by making them much more efficient, of course.

Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra​
Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra

They have seen good response with Exynos powered Galaxy S24 series so they will continue with that same formula for the Galaxy S25 models. Reports saying that Qualcomm flagship chip now costs $200 per phone, massive increase over last last year’s chip. And that’s why Samsung will increase the use of the Exynos inside many Galaxy devices starting starting from 2024.

So what is the problem? well the problem is if they are successful at that then the company might even go exclusively using Exynos chipset inside the whole galaxy is S25 series including the Ultra maybe outside US and Canada. Isn’t that disappointing? though it’s too early to say anything about this because these kind of things can even change even in Nov time.

Now Exynos 2500 might even use Google’s own TPU or tensor processing unit or NPU for simple people for AI accelerations or AI stuffs. This will help samsung put all the pixel exclusive AI features inside the Galaxy devices more smoothly to work beautifully. Because the current Galaxy AI is mostly cloud powered. So on device AI will be easier with this specific deal. Let me your thoughts..

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