Using Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024.. REVIEW

Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024 - using this galaxy watch for 2 years
Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024 – using this galaxy watch for 2 years

This is Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review in 2024. This watch wasn’t the best when it was released but nowadays it’s probably the best value for money watch in the market. It does offer somethings that are really cool but it use not to offer in the past. I’m gonna tell you all of that and I’m gonna tell you whether you should buy it right now or you should wait for another surprise coming from Samsung.

Design and build of the galaxy watch 4

I would say this design has aged so well, like this is a very minimal design and this design is carried over the current Galaxy Watch 6 or even last year’s Galaxy Watch 5. I mean this design just works with anything you wear.

Also Samsung made this watch 4 very durable thanks to well engineered design and materials used to build. For example, the, Corning gorilla glass DX plus production on top of the watch screen is really good. Even though maybe Samsung say that it is not as good as the watch 5 or Watch 6 Sapphire Crystal glass, but DX+ is so good. So, I’ve knocked this watch against the wall heaps of times, right? And you won’t believe it, but it hardly has any scratches or dents! The only place it’s showing some wear is where the glass meets the frame. It’s got this glossy black paint, see, so the scratches there are kinda noticeable.

Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024 - all the sensor at the glass back housing
Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024 – all the sensor at the glass back housing

But if you look at the aluminum sides, then look almost new and feels premium just like Any other premium smart watches. And that’s the beauty of any premium smart watch. I mean, even if the price go down, there will still feel premium compared to cheaper smart watches.

But the same thing can’t be said about the bezels. Even though they can be used as a phantom rotating bezels but the bezel sizes are quite thick which is rectified with the watch 6. But you will notice in only certain scenarios. Because most apps are in dark mode, so you will barely notice this in real life.

Because this serves as a function, so I don’t mind.

Water Resistant?

Well, this watch has military standard 810 rating and IP68 certification but none of these things actually something that I’ve tested. But yeah, I have washed my hands many times which got my watch wet. But water never did anything wrong, so I guess everything is fine over this 2 years of usage.

Unlocked Features

This watch has some cool features like it does have IP certification and blood pressure monitor. These were not available in many regions back when it was launched, but now it does in many regions.

Blood pressure monitoring needs calibration using proper medical equipment every now and then. Very irritating. But at the end of the day

this watch offers this even at this price range is cool. Same goes for the ECG and SPO2 measurements. It does work and that’s it. I don’t know what to do with all these infos. But one cool feature I like being an casual gym guy, is that you can measure your body’s composition. Which means the body fat and stuff like that can be visible on this watch. And this is actually amazing feature it’s still not available on Apple watches yet even though this watch was launched in 2021.

Galaxy Watch 4 supports ECG & Blood Pressure monitoring
Galaxy Watch 4 supports ECG & Blood Pressure monitoring

I mean sleep tracking isn’t that important but I have seen in many cases one. I have like bad days bad nights and I woke up like someone in between the sleep and I stayed awake. A few hours and then I went back to sleep then I woke up again then I went back to sleep again all of these things are recorded properly in this which is surprising sometimes.

Sleep & Health tracking

I took a nap at a like 1pm or so in the afternoon and this watch did record and it’s really good at recording exact time. Even though I don’t known what I will do with this Infos but it honestly cool that it can detective if I was fully awake or half awake in between.. Crazy technologies. Some people with sleep issues gonna find this tracking helpful.

Galaxy Watch 4 has body composition since launch day.
Galaxy Watch 4 has body composition since launch day.

Same way the auto workout detection is also fantastic but it does take 10 mins to start that. I will step recording to auto workout detection is fully satisfactory to me.

Calling on it

I’m not so satisfied with one thing. My fault. It’s a non-LTE watch. So I can’t take my calls when my phone isn’t around. But Calling on it has been flawless with the Bluetooth calling. The other party in any situation, traffic, or with my watch on a distance from my mouth didn’t result in any such noise or poor quality.


I do create a lot of watch faces, if you want them for free you can just go to my website but when I do create I see the colors are not accurately reflected on the watch. it’s more vibrant and that’s not bad because that’s what we want in these sorta gadgets but the display is its most bright highlight because you’re never gonna see individual pixels and on top of that when you go outside, this display is freaking bright. I mean, I don’t know how much bright it is because Samsung doesn’t mention that but at least this one can beat many smartphones in terms of brightness outside and stays at that brightness for a very long time without getting overheated. I would say 9 outta 10.

Galaxy Watch 4 has YouTube music, Spotify, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Home and many app’s thanks to playstore
Galaxy Watch 4 has YouTube music, Spotify, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Home and many app’s thanks to playstore

WearOS by Google

Now this WEAROS by Google is also a product of Samsung Google collaboration. when it was launched it was kinda of meh! it’s much more mature now with more applications. I can use Google Assistant on it pretty seamlessly, even though Google Assistant is of its own is a bit finicky nowadays, even on phones, but The watch does its job perfectly fine.

And you have the Play Store you can use Google Maps on it, you can use calculator on it whenever you need it. I need all of these things sometimes. Sometimes I need an app to use this watch as a trackpad for my iPad Pro. It does work like that way too.

Google Home works almost like the smartphones variant. Phone app is fine in terms of features but I don’t like how I have to receive calls and for all of that I have 1.5 GB of RAM and the 16 GB of storage. All of that is enough for even casual listening of youtube music, but loading the downloaded tracks take time same for pausing playback or resuming.


Exynos W920, a 5nm chipset made by Samsung foundry is behind all these good and lackluster performance.

I mean it works like magic most of the time. But I have seen lags and strutters or frame drops too. I’ll say it inserted in situations like once you turn on the watch you should give it about a minute. I’m saying it about a minute because that’s the same thing I have seen. If you use it if we start to use it, you’ll see a lot of frame drops immediately after that because the processor is too much under load.

But once you get past that time this watch starts to work really well. Same is true. for the charging time. It shows its performance deficiencies or thermal inefficiencies. But once you give it a minute to cool down It will start to work fine.

But even after all these battery experience isn’t that much satisfactory. I have to charge it every single day once or twice mostly because I charge it from like 30% to as much as possible. If you try to drain it from hundred to zero it will take about 24 hours and with cellular connectivity on it will be much less than that. And if you’re working out and things like that or you playing music on it, then maybe 16 to 18 hours. That’s the Max i have got.

Galaxy Watch 4 doing navigation on Google Maps
Galaxy Watch 4 doing navigation on Google Maps


But recently we heard samsung will reintroduce the Galaxy watch 4 as Fan edition model and put a new 3nm chip in it. But at a slightly higher price tag about $160/ 15k to 18k INR or so.

But if you look at the current pricing of this watch in the market with all these advanced features, i think you should just kind of go right ahead and buy this watch if you’re getting it at that $100 or less than that.

17:45 If not then I would say if and if you’re getting it for even cheaper than that then it’s real luck, you’re really lucky then that is the best price you can get it for but the problem is that the the watch for 2024 model is actually coming sometimes in August or October.

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