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iPhone 16 – Apple will do this AGAIN!!

iPhone 16 vertical camera bump
iPhone 16 vertical camera bump

Here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 16, but not the 16 Plus, though, because that might not even come to the market according to some rumors. Because the iPhone SE will have an iPhone SE Plus, but the iPhone 16 will skip the Plus model for some reason. It is just what we are hearing, but the iPhone 16 actually will have some good changes in the design department too.

iPhone 16 design

The first one definitely has to be the camera housing. This will have a vertical camera bump instead of the diagonal one of the recent models like the iPhone 13, 14, and even the 15. Now, you might be thinking it will look very similar to the iPhone X or XS Max, but it’s not. It’s a kind of a mix of what the iPhone 11 did and also a mix of iPhone X kind of.

The top one is actually going to be the main 48-megapixel main camera and the bottom one is actually going to be a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, because the ultra-wide camera upgrade is coming to the Pro and Pro Max, not to the standard models. And the standard model will not have a big change in the camera department at all.

Diagonal camera bump of the iPhone 15
Diagonal camera bump of the iPhone 15

Because with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, Apple introduced much more megapixels and a much bigger sensor inside the standard model, so don’t expect any drastic change in the camera department. The Pro features are just not going to come to the standard models, like ProRes video recording or RAW photo capturing or something like that.

But the major reason why Apple is making these camera bumps vertical is not what you think. very simple: Vision Pro and 3D video capturing. As you might know, photos and videos shot on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can be viewed in 3D on Apple’s new spatial computer, because the two rear cameras don’t really line up. They’re in a diagonal position.

Because the vertical camera setup kind of works like human eyes for the phone, so that’s why Apple is going back to the vertical camera bump on the iPhone 16. But at the same time, they will have a different kind of camera housing. It doesn’t have a square shape, but rather a pill shape. At the same time, it has a new touch with the camera housing, so that’s probably it.

iPhone 16 vertical camera bump
iPhone 16 vertical camera bump

iPhone, 16 new buttons

But that’s not the only thing, because we have all seen the flat sides, the curved corners, and everything on the iPhone standard models. Now it’s time for a new button. No, we are not talking about the Action Button(it’s coming too), but rather a Capture Button.

Now, this is something that was rumored to come to only Pro models, but sources are saying that it will also come to the iPhone 16, the standard model. And this button will actually be a pressure and touch sensitive button, but not a real button, actually. It’s still going to be a solid state button.

But with the pressure sensitive technology, Apple will allow us to use it as a camera shutter button, but that too a two-stage camera shutter button, like the old Nokia Lumia Windows phones or even Sony Xperia phones. Which means if you half-press it, it will focus, and a full press will actually capture the photo.

The other big changes coming to the iPhone 16

The other thing that we know is that the 6 gigabytes of RAM is getting an upgrade to 8 gigabytes. Also, in addition to that, the non-Pro iPhone 16 will actually gain faster Wi-Fi 6E connectivity support, but not Wi-Fi 7 like the Pro models. That’s kind of disappointing, but not a big deal.

But it will have a bigger microphone enhancement. you might be thinking why that is important. Because Siri will see a lot of AI enhancements with iOS 18 that need the microphone to be much better in terms of picking up what you’re saying. And also noise separation.

So, aside from a better water resistance rating for the upgraded microphones, they will also improve in signal-to-noise ratio or SNR to deliver a more intuitive voice assistant experience because of the generative AI things.

The worst part of the iPhone 16

But one disappointing thing that I don’t know why Apple is still doing it, is that Apple’s still not going to offer ProMotion displays on the standard model. This is really bad. The current iPhone 15 and 15 Plus also use the same LTPS panel that is going to be inside the iPhone 16 as well. So we’re going to stick to 60Hz again.

Processor and battery upgrade of the iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 will have a 3,561 mAh battery, which is much more compared to the iPhone 15’s 3,349 mAh. Now, we still have a confusion in the processor department, because we still don’t know which processor is going to power this iPhone 16. Whether it’s the A18 Pro like pro models or whether it’s the A18 normal chipset. Because the A17 pro was much more expensive to make and it wasn’t the best in terms of thermal efficiency. So I think it’s better to make a lighter version of the A18 Pro chipset, meaning a standard A18 with much less GPU cores and slightly lower clock speed for the CPU cores. That could be the thing.

Pricing of iPhone 16(not so reliable leak)

According to the leak that says that there is not going to be any more 16 Plus, Rather, there are going to be an iPhone 16 SE and then an iPhone 16 SE Plus, and then there are going to be an iPhone 16, 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max. It also talks about the price for the whole series, but take it with a pinch of salt.

The leaker says the iPhone 16 SE may start at $699 for the 128 GB variant. The 16 SE Plus will start at $799 for the 256 GB variant. The 16, the phone that I was talking about, will launch at $899 for the 256 GB base variant. And the 16 Pro will start at $999 and about $1,099 for the 16 Pro Max. Keep this in mind the current Pro Max starts at $1,199 for 256Gb base model And it kind of looks like the upcoming iPad lineup, but even more confusing.

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