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Galaxy S24 Ultra – A Big Upgrade over the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

Galaxy S24 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra

As we move closer to the official launch of the Galaxy S24 lineup, which actually will happen on 17th of January next year, we’re also seeing a lot leaks on the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know anything about this Galaxy S24 lineup at this point.

Design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

We know quite a bit of things and that also includes a full live hands on photo of a titanium gold color Galaxy S24 Ultra. But if you look at this comparison photos, we can clearly see that the titanium gold galaxy S24 ultra is slightly more different than the current S23 Ultra, But also very much similar to each other.

Like boxy design, the flat top and bottom but we can see that the sides are even more flatter.
And at the bottom we can also see that there is a new grill design for the speaker. It’s a strip rather than small little holes that we have seen on the past, two ultra models. Plus we can also see it is a bit of a surprise that the button of the s-pen is actually flat unlike the other two previous Galaxy Ultra models.

Now if you look at a side photos we can’t really say anything different about them. This is the same kind of button placements slight more flatter and frame is made out of much more stronger Titanium material, but that’s probably it. Another thing is at the top there are two microphones instead of one on this Galaxy S23 Ultra again.

What we know is that. At the front though the display is gonna be a flat display. Totally flat display. Unlike the past two Galaxy ultra models.

But but there is a slight catch the bezels even though they’re gonna be really thin compared to even the S23 Ultra and symmetrical at the top and bottom as well, which is really great but the bezels of the displays at the sides are gonna be slightly curved so it’s still a flat display but still not a flat display if that makes sense.

Other than that at the back there is no difference like Galaxy S24 Ultra has the same kind of camera layout as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is really simple and beautiful but it’s also kind of boring at this point because we have been seeing this thing for three years at this point. Next year, we’re gonna see a massive change we are hearing.

But we’re surely getting some changes in the camera hajare department in the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Cameras of the Galaxy S24 Ultra

It will have a 200 megapixel Isocell HP2SX 1/1.3″ sensor with 0.6 micrometer size pixels, it’s still not a one inch sensor but that’s for the Galaxy S25 ultra I guess. The ultra-wide camera is going to be same 12 megapixel Sony IMX 564 sensor. there is going to be a 3x Telephoto camera and it’s gonna be a 10 megapixel unit yet again, but the 5x camera is gonna be a totally different thing, it’s a 48 MP ISOCELL sensor 1/2.25″ sensor it’s a 5x camera as I said, But then you might be thinking well, where is the 10x camera. Well this is the sensor that will also use the sensor cropping feature to create lossless 12 megapixel native 10x camera and that means it’s way better than the current setup even though on paper it doesn’t look like that.

Galaxy S24 Ultra design

And this is the same technology will also be used inside the main camera to take 2x and 4x lossless zoom photos and videos. That too simultaneously with a normal wide prospective which is again a cool thing of the HP2SX sensor that means you don’t have to move your phone around to capture a moving subject zoomed in because it will just automatically track the subject from the rear camera pretty cool interesting but the same thing can’t be said about the Galaxy S24 and the Galaxy S24 plus though, they’re still gonna stuck with the same camera setup as the current models but that’s gonna change in the next year, we’re hearing anyway.

Galaxy S24 Ultra performance

But that doesn’t mean the whole lineup doesn’t even have any other changes in the display department or in the processor department, spoiler alert there is a massive change coming to the processor, for example.

In the US, though where all the models will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for galaxy chipset unlike the other markets where the Galaxy S24 and S24 plus will be powered by Exynos 2400. The Galaxy S24 plus and the Ultra actually have appeared on the geekbbench benchmark and the plus with 8 gigabyte of RAM, yes there is an 8 gigabyte of RAM variant, apparently and it got 1902 points in the single core tests and 3,439 in the multicore test.

Galaxy S24 Ultra performance
Source: gizmochina

The Galaxy S24 Ultra which also appeared over there with the 12 gigabytes of ram variant score 2170 points in the single core test and in 6,720 points in the multicore test, that’s a big jump in terms of performance. That doesn’t mean the current Galaxy S23 ultra is slow by any means.

But it is still amazing to see if phones are getting this powerful, really. Sadly another leak says now that the Galaxy S24 will start at with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128Gb storage but it will also have a 512 gigabytes option, maybe depending on the countries.

But the Galaxy S24 Ultra will start at 256Gb with 512Gb and 1TB storage options. The cheaper model will also come into Wi-Fi 6e rather than Wi-Fi 7 on the both other plus and the ultra models. Also the UWB chip is exclusive to the ultra I don’t know why that is the case but that’s the thing. Galaxy S24 Ultra will still come with the 5000mAh cell, Galaxy S24 plus will have a 4,900mAh cell a big jump over the last model and 4000mAh for the S24, for a tiny little phone that’s gonna be great.

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