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Galaxy S24 Ultra – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be powered by the snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy Chipset. So here’s what we know so far about the chipset.

Key Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 specs

  • 4nm TSMC production method
  • 10% higher system efficiency
  • 30% faster and 20% more frugal Kryo CPU
  • 1 x Cortex-X4 @ 3.3GHz
  • 5 x A720 @ 3.2GHz
  • 2 x A520 @ 2.3GHz
  • 25% faster and 25% more frugal Adreno GPU
  • AI: 98% improved AI performance and 40% better performance per watt
  • Spectra ISP: Supports 8K HDR and features multi-camera real-time semantic segmentation, HDR photo technology from Dolby, and dual always-sensing cameras
  • Snapdragon Elite Gaming features and new hardware accelerated ray tracing with global illumination
  • Snapdragon X75 5G Modem-RF System with 10 Gbps peak download speeds
  • Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 Mobile Connectivity System, supporting Wi-Fi 7 with 5.8 Gbps
The Galaxy S24 ultra powered by snpadragon 8 gen 3 benchmark
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 benchmark scores
  • Geekbench single core: 2329 points
  • Geekbench multi-core: 7526 point
  • AnTuTu: 2.14 million points
  • PCMark: 21628 points
  • GFXBench Aztec Ruins OpenGL (High Tier) Offscreen (1440p): 83 FPS
  • GFXBench Aztec Ruins Vulkan (High Tier) Offscreen (1440p): 96 FPS
  • 3Dmark WildLife Extreme: 32 FPS
  • Jetstream 2 browser test: 241

What aboout the Galaxy Variant?

Leaker says that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (via AndroidAuthority) for Galaxy (SM8650-AC) will have an octa-core configuration consisting of one Prime Cortex-X4 CPU core running at 3.4GHz, five Performance Cortex-A720 CPU cores with a clock speed of  3.15GHz/2.96GHz, and two Efficiency Cortex-A520 CPU cores running at 2.27GHz. In the past we have seen benchmarking results where the 8 Gen3 Galaxy variant has two groups of performance A720 cores. One group is running at a higher clock speed than the other. So maybe that’s the same thing we can expect.

So the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy is rumored to have an overclocked Prime core and underclocked Performance and Efficiency cores, and the reason for this configuration is unclear. Additionally, according to a report by tipster Ice Universe(@UniverseIce) the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy processor, is said to feature a GPU clocked at an impressive 1,000MHz. This clock speed is anticipated to be higher than the GPU clock speed found in the standard version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 used in other flagship Android smartphones.

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