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Galaxy S25 Ultra – The Biggest Samsung Secret Galaxy Yet

Galaxy S22 ULTRA Design
Galaxy S22 ULTRA Design

Galaxy S25 Ultra will see some Huge Upgrades. Some of them are crazy. For the most part the Galaxy S24 series looks the same as the Galaxy S23 series. If you look at this 24 ultra though, it looks even similar to the Galaxy S22 ultra launch like two years back.  Yes, there are changes in the S24 Ultra like it’s got flatter screen, Titanium frame and all, but overall it looks the same.

So When can we expect a big change? Well, according to a leak the current design team leader of the Samsung MX mobile division is actually a former designer at Mercedes-Benz. And he is focused on the task of redefining the galaxy brands past image to provide a fresh new feel.

I mean, if that doesn’t make sense to you, here it is in simple words, they will actually change the whole design language or the design of the Samsung mobile devices. And I’m mostly talking about the Galaxy Ultra Models, Galaxy Zfold and the Galaxy S models. So, So some significant design changes are expected for the Galaxy S25 series onwards.

And that clearly first means that the camera array design will change drastically and Samsung will also do a lot of changes to the camera’s itself because if you don’t know Samsung is already experimenting with 200 megapixel telephoto cameras with up to 2x and 4x zoom loseless capabilities.

That means if the camera is a 200 megapixel 5x camera then it can do lossless zoom up to 10x  as well as 20x technically. Doesn’t mean that it will  come on the production device, maybe they will restrict it but at the end of the day Samsung is working hard on that plus they’re also rumored to come with some insane camera Sensor size changes.

For example, Samsung will ditch isocell sensor on the Galaxy S25 with Sony camera sensors for the main camera sensor. Sony also introduced few new camera sensors recently and maybe one of them will be used inside this Galaxy S25.

So this is definitely gonna be a massive change because the standand models haven’t seen a big camera jump for like few years now at this point.  But what is getting more interesting upgrade though is actually the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

But this one though will come with something different. It will come with the Samsung’s in-house one-inch 200 megapixel ISOCELL camera. I mean, the ISOCELL 200MP sensors are already amazing but I’m just saying it’s gonna be a 1/0.98 inch sensor that is really big considering its for a smartphone and this will also come with two hundred megapixel resolution and 0.8 micrometer size pixels. I mean, if you consider the 50 megapixel mode or 12.5 megapixel mode, then the super pixel size gonna be much more higher. Plus it will come with ISOCELL zoom anyplace technology.

Now this in sensor zoom is actually the most interesting part of today’s smartphones because if you look at it, this is something we are also gonna see in action with the launch of the Galaxy S24 Ultra on both the Main and the 5X Telephoto Zoom cameras using the higher Megapixel sensors.

What it does is that it crops into the sensor without losing any quality or visible quality in the photos. That’s how the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be able to do zoom up to 2x and 4x without losing any quality using the Main 200 megapixel camera.

And this is the same thing can be expected with that 1-inch ISOCELL sensor which will gather more light and will have much more detailed photos with more visible depth of field. This technology is really really cool.

Now, that’s not the only thing, Samsung also might introduce a new kind of OLED panel on its phones in the second half of 2025, that simply means it’s probably not coming with the S25 series. It’s gonna be called PH-OLED. It’s phosphorescent OLED technology.

Samsung usually deploys green and red phosphorescent sub pixels, but blue diodes still use fluorescent material. With this new tech the new blue diodes are actually going to be blue phosphorescent to offer an internal luminous efficiency of 100% compared to 25% on fluorescent materials.

Now this simply means that the displays will consume much less power and much more brighter displays.

But another cool thing that is coming to the Galaxy S25 series and it’s pretty much clear is that 3nm snapdragon 8 gen 4 chip. This is gonna be the biggest jump yet on smartphones overall in terms of chip upgrade because according to reliable digital chat station who has been like really really reliable on the chip side of things snapdragon 8 gen 4 codenamed “SUN” is a 3nm chip made by TMSC and that’s not the exciting part, the exciting part is that it will feature octa-core Oryon CPU.

That’s the most exciting thing now it will have two high performance Phoenix L cores and six power efficient Phoenix M CPU cores, so there is no prime core anymore unlike the snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for galaxy chipset which will have a prime core two performance core running at lower clock speed three performance scores running at high clock speed then the two power efficient core.

I mean, this is the craziest part of it. Now he also claims that the qualcomm has made significant gains in the performance and that the CPU performance will be very similar to the Apple’s M series chips.

Now it will definitely be interesting to see what Samsung gonna cook with the dream chip aka Exynos 2500 processor, we will definitely have to wait for that. Another leaker says that a snapdragon 8gen 4 processor consumes at the peak, 8 watts of power much lower than the snapdragon 8 gen 3 though.

The GPU though, it’s gonna be Adreno 830 GPU inside this snapdragon 8 gen 4 is actually 10 percent more powerful than the desktop grade m2 chip inside the apples laptops.

Now in terms of the performance benchmark, the estimated geekbench scores at this point is about 10,000 points in the multicore CPU department and about 2,800 points in the single core test.

But take that with pinch of salt at this point because these things change over time, depending on the cooling solutions and all the stuff but at the end of the day, it’s really exciting for both Android world as well as for the Windows world because the arm Windows things is gonna be crazy,

And that will also make the Samsung Galaxy Tabs more powerful than you think. I mean, it’s just mind-boggling to me. Let me know your thoughts about all these things in the comment section below and what do you think?

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