Galaxy Z Fold 6 – Everything We Know So Far

Galaxy Z Fold 6 early concept based on Patent filings
Galaxy Z Fold 6 early concept based on Patent filings

Samsung is at the top of the game when it comes to foldables, and they have been seeing a big success with the S24 series, even though they are not the biggest upgrade from the S23 series. But that’s not the same story for the foldable models. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will apparently have a totally revamped design, and this design is not only aesthetically different, but also functionally different.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be wider from the front, which also means it will be wider when it is opened, wider tablet than the previous Z Fold models. This is something that people have wanted from Samsung for at least four generations, since the launch of the first foldable.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 Concept based on patent vs Galaxy Z Fold 5​
Galaxy Z Fold 6 Concept based on patent vs Galaxy Z Fold 5

This will do two things: one, it will give you a much wider screen at the front to use it as a daily driver. It won’t feel like a chocolate bar anymore, but rather a proper wide device that you can use every single day. And two, when you open it, it will be actually in a landscape mode, rather than a portrait mode like the current foldable models. So you don’t have to rotate the phone again for that. And this means it will also have a much bigger screen inside, compared to the 7.6 inch diagonal display of the current foldable models.

The renders that you’re currently seeing is not exactly accurate, though. I mean, the camera array design could be slightly different, or it could be exactly like this, because Samsung is apparently using this specific water drop design on all its smartphones, except the foldables. So why not on the foldables too? But this render is basically based on the patent filed by Samsung for the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Patent for 1st gen Galaxy Fold vs recent one​
Patent for 1st Gen Galaxy Fold vs recent one

And if you look at the patents, from the first Galaxy Fold to the recent one, you will see a massive change. And that is what we’re going to see in real life. The patent for the upcoming device actually shows that it will have a much thinner profile, when closed or when opened. And if Samsung is able to achieve that commercially, then it is going to be a massive improvement. But at this early stage of the news, we don’t have the proper dimensions. But once I get to know about the dimensions, I will definitely update you guys.

Samsung has shown that they have made a hinge that is much more durable than on other foldables, and it also allows the phone to close flat without leaving any gap between the two halves of the phone.

So if Samsung can make the phone as thin as the Google Pixel Fold, I will be very happy. And if they can make it as thin as the Honor Magic 5, then wow, that would be crazy. But then again, that also makes me think: what about the battery? How much battery capacity can we expect?

Well, at this point we don’t have any news regarding the battery, but it is going to be somewhere close to the same as the current model: 4400 to 4600 mAh. That’s the expected range.

Now, the reason behind Samsung doing all this hard work to make the foldables more attractive is because Samsung’s profit last year came mostly from the Samsung Mobile division that sells Galaxy devices. And the most selling devices are actually the Galaxy phones. So Samsung will have to do something more to entice customers to buy the Galaxy Fold or upgrade to it.

But what else can they do to make you upgrade to a Galaxy Fold? Make it cheaper or make a cheaper one? Well, Samsung is actually going to do both of them. Samsung is going to make the phone cheaper by utilizing a newer technology to make the foldable display.

So rather than using micro dry process films with the ink already inside, Samsung would be using its advanced inkjet OLED printing method to apply it on its films directly before attaching the encapsulated display to the bezels that hide its circuitry and laminating the ultra thin glass covers to protect the whole setup.

This will make the production cost much lower than the current system. So we can expect the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to be cheaper than 1800 bucks of the current model. But that’s not all. Samsung is also making a cheaper foldable. Now we still don’t know what the name is going to be, maybe it will be called the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Fan Edition, but we have already heard many times from reliable leakers that this is coming.

This time, Roland Quandt is saying that Samsung is making one. And it could come under the Galaxy A series foldables or it will be a Z Fold Fan Edition model, but it will cost somewhere around 1200 bucks.

But don’t get your hopes too high, because it might not even arrive at the same time as the Galaxy Z Fold 6. It might take a few more months to come to the market, maybe next year. We still don’t know what processor it will have or what kind of screens on the outside we will see or what kind of dimensions we will have. Maybe it will be based on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Z Fold 3, something like that. But definitely it will have a cheaper camera system. But I will keep an eye on this and let you guys know.

It will not have any S Pen support, but that’s not the end of the world. It will only be exclusive to the Galaxy Z Fold flagship series. I don’t have too high hopes for an inbuilt S Pen slot inside the Galaxy Z Fold 6, but maybe this is the year we might see it happen. That would be cool.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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