Nothing Phone 2A – Uniqueness at $350

You know what? When I first chose this phone, I didn’t love the Nothing brand, nor did I care about the hype. All I cared about was getting a good phone for the price. I was considering the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, but then I opted for this phone because it seemed to be popular and looked really cool.

Unboxing nothing phone 2a​
Unboxing nothing phone 2a

The whole unboxing experience feels tempting. It’s unique—like opening a book, and the wrapping paper is just amazing. Every single thing makes it feel like a premium phone, not a cheap $350 phone unlike Motorola.

Unboxing nothing phone 2a​
Unboxing nothing phone 2a

One thing Motorola does, is provide a charger in the box, which Nothing doesn’t. Inside the box, they’ve included a very weird-looking SIM ejector pin, which I don’t really care about. The cable is unique but could have been a braided one because that is more long-lasting.

$350 price tag might also sound tempting but you have to spend a bit more to get a charger from their own brand, which I did. I bought the CMF by Nothing gallium nitrate charger($24), which I appreciate a lot because this charger is pretty cool. but it’s something to consider because it adds to the cost.

When you actually unwrap the phone and touch it for the first time, it gives you mixed feelings. It looks and feels like it’s a glass and metal phone with a coating on top, but it actually has plastic sides and rear. This is both good and bad because plastic can scratch easily and get smudges, but it’s also more durable and cheaper to replace than a glass-made phone. However, it doesn’t have wireless charging, though they did provide NFC, which is good.

Glyph nothing phone 2a
Glyph nothing phone 2a

By the way, the glyph lights are the unique features, but you have to put the SIM card in, sign in, and all the way later, you will see the magic after unboxing, which took quite a lot of time, though, because I needed to copy it from my other phone. In the phone experience, though, it feels like it’s a glass-made phone, and then you have a case on, a transparent case on it, that’s the whole feeling. But if you put a case on, then what’s the difference between this and a glass-made phone from Nothing? Oh yeah, nothing, yeah.

But another thing is that this phone, in terms of size, though, might look small in the renders and everything, but this one is massively big. It’s a 6.7-inch screen, identical to my iPhone 15 plus. The pixel per inch and all those things don’t really matter in this day and age, but this has 120Hz high refresh rate and that can switch between 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz depending on the content of the display, which actually is much better than not having it at all, like this iPhone 15 Plus, which I am very disappointed by.

nothing phone 2a vs iPhone 15 plus display
nothing phone 2a vs iPhone 15 plus display

But on this phone, though, you also get the slim symmetrical bezels. Now, this is something that I used to say like, oh, the cheap phones always have that slight amount of chin. It’s not the most perfect one. Hey, Nothing actually made sure that the chin is just symmetrical. The bezels are symmetrical all around. This makes it the most premium-looking phone at this price range, in terms of display.

But as you also know, that this price range means there are so many corners that have been cut, like the build quality. That’s kind of plastic, everything, no metal at all. I would have loved a plastic back but not the side frame to be plastic. But then again, they cut the corner over there. They cut the corners in the wireless charging. The IP54 is only there, which is good, though, not bad. I’m not complaining at all, but I’m saying it. They’ve cut corners in that department. Could have been IP68. There are phones like that, and they also have done another thing, which is like they cut the whole charger brick out of the box. That’s a corner-cutting because other brands offer chargers in the box, except Samsung at this price. So Samsung’s story is different, but then on top of that, the storage is UFS 2.2, and the RAM is LPDDR4X, even though it’s only 8 gigabytes for this phone. This is the base model, but you can also go with a 12-gigabytes of RAM, or you can use the RAM booster to get more RAM.

And on top of that, the processor is not the most powerful processor MEDIATEK 7200 pro(4nm TSMC). So when I set up the phone, I saw certain bits of things lagging here and there, but that’s the only time I saw it. From the next point, I didn’t see anything. It was fluid AF, like so good. By the time you’re reading this, I’ve been using it for like 30 hours or so, and I’m super, super happy about the whole feel and even the battery life because it’s very early to say anything about the battery life, but I’ve charged it to 70%, and I’ve used it quite a lot within first 12 hours, and it’s only reaching to like 40% or so.

I will surely do a battery test and a charging test too on this phone, keep an eye on my channel. There are so many things software, camera, battery, call everything the 5G capabilities to talk about in a review video.

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