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Google Pixel Fold 2 – Big Upgrade with a Better Chip

Google Pixel Fold 2 - Big Upgrade with a Better Chip
Google Pixel Fold

We finally some interesting news on the Google Pixel Fold 2, the second generation model of Google’s foldable phone.

Thanks to Android Authority, we finally have a first look at a real prototype device of the Pixel Fold 2. And one thing that is clearly visible here is that Google is somewhat moving away from the camera bar, which was a Pixel exclusive look and a Pixel identity. But this weird looking camera bump seems more like a Xiaomi device, but that’s what we can see from this prototype.

Now, this could mean that there might be other prototypes too with a different camera design, or maybe Google is just moving away from the camera bar because it kind of interrupts the whole motherboard structure. It sometimes splits the motherboard into two parts. So rather than that, maybe Google is doing the same thing as every other company, just moving the whole camera system towards the left top corner of the phone.

Now this also means that this is the same kind of camera module, or at least a similar one, that will come to the next next generation Pixel 10 series models. Because that’s the same thing that happening with the Pixel 9, which took some inspirations from the Pixel Fold.

If you look at the rear camera, you can see four new sensors here and an LED flash. We still don’t know the camera specs, so it might be very similar to what the Pixel phone offers, but maybe it’s going to be slightly different. But that’s what we can confirm once we get to know more about this phone.

Google Pixel Fold 2 prototype
Google Pixel Fold 2 prototype

But aside from that, we can see that the cover screen size is somewhat different from the current Pixel Fold. It might be slightly narrower than the current fold. But the inner screen aspect ratio is going to be closer to a square, very similar to the OnePlus Open model.

Now I don’t have to talk about the materials it will come with. It will still be aluminum and glass build. But one thing that is coming, which is not clearly visible on this photo, is that the front foldable display will only have a punch hole cut out. Not an ugly thick bezel like the current Pixel Fold. So it will look more gorgeous and more modern than the current Pixel Fold.

Now the source says that there is still a visible crease, but you know what, it’s still a prototype, so we don’t really need to judge too much at this point. But also don’t keep your hopes too high, that’s what I would say.

But the next thing that we are hearing is that it will actually have a later launch date and it will go straight with the Tensor G4 instead of the Tensor G3 processor, which is probably a good thing, I would say.

In addition to that, the source says that the RAM of the Pixel Fold 2 could also increase to 16GB at the max. Maybe it will be paired with the 1TB or 512GB storage option, or maybe it will be a standard one. But that’s what we don’t know at this point. But 16GB max could come, along with UFS 4.0 storage, which is definitely going to be a big step up from the UFS 3.1 found inside the Pixel 8 series currently available in the market.

Now, you might be wondering what the Tensor G4 processor is like. We have a Geekbench score of the Tensor G4 processor that shows 1082 in the single core score and 3121 points in the multicore CPU department.

Now, if you look at the core cluster, it has three different core groups. The Tensor G4 will be an eight-core chip with one Cortex X4 core clocked at 3.1GHz, three Cortex A720 cores running at 2.6GHz, and four Cortex A520 cores with frequencies of 1.95GHz. Additionally, the chip is rumored to have the Mali G715 GPU, instead of the AMD RDNA3-based Xclipse 940. Like the Exynos 2400, it will likely use the fan-out wafer-level packaging technology, which should help the Pixel 9 run cooler.

Tensor G4 processor Geekbench score
Tensor G4 processor Geekbench score

And that clearly shows that Google is still not interested in making the phones rank the highest in the benchmarking numbers. Which doesn’t really mean bad, considering Google is all about the AI features and the Tensor AI capabilities. And phones are already powerful enough. It’s just the fact that they need to focus more on the sustained performance than anything else.

That means the throttling and all those things should be under control.

Is this a good Geekbench score? No. But it’s not the worst thing in the world either. And at the end of the day, it’s still a prototype device, a very early prototype device. So we should take this result with a pinch of salt, because this will change even at the last minute.

So yeah, that’s probably all we know so far. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source:  Android Authority, MySmartPriceAndroid Authority

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