Google Pixel Fold 2 – Why This Way?

Google Pixel ​fold 2 concept render in real life
Google Pixel fold 2 concept render

So whatever we saw last time, yeah, that’s the one, that’s the final design and the camera visor is gone on the pixel fold 2 at the very least. Because if you look at the pixel 9 and 9 pro the leaked render which suggest that it still has the camera visor look the pixel. Even though it is a more modernized variant of the Google pixel fold visor.

But sadly the pixel fold 2 lacks that uniqueness rather coming with a xiaomi inspired bump. Now that doesn’t totally mean it looks ugly or anything it’s just the fact that Google is moving away from the pixel visor look, that’s kind of disappointing.

The one good thing that I liked is the fact that pixel fold top and bottom bezel is gone in the pixel fold 2, this is totally a modern looking foldable that too with an under display camera for selfies and video calls.

we still don’t know that resolution of it or how great it’s gonna be but hopefully Google is gonna do some magic anyway, the outer screen is now 6.4” in size. Much larger than its predecessor, which had only 5.8 inch screen but also had a very different and very good looking aspect ratio 17.4:9 aspect ratio but this time it’s going to be different.

we don’t know what’s the aspect ratio is going to be but we do have the dimensions when unfolded this phone measures 155.2 mm tall 150.2 mm wide and a 5.27 mm thick which if you compare to the last model, Which is about 139.7 mm tall 158.7 mm wide and 5.8 mm thick so this one is much more thinner.But not as wide as the last model but much more taller than the last model if that makes sense.

comparison between galaxy Z fold 5 vs google pixel fold vs google pixel fold 2

Now in the folded state though, it’s a different story. It’s now 155.2 mm tall 77.1 mm wide and 10.5 for mm thick that is even thinner than the upcoming galaxy Z fold 6, which is about 11.7 mm thick, gonna be.

comparison between galaxy Z fold 5 vs google pixel fold vs google pixel fold 2
comparison between galaxy Z fold 5 vs google pixel fold vs google pixel fold 2

Now if you compare that with the pixel fold the first one it is one that was 139.7 mm tall 79.5 mm wide and 12.1 mm thick. So this is much more thinner but much less wider more tall, but not but to not look candy bar, it also has a good amount of height too but not too much.

It will be part by tenser g4 processor. It will also have 16 gigabytes of RAM and UFS 4.0 storage is instead of UFS 3.1 on the current pixel fold, which is much more faster than the 3.1 and it is much more efficient.

But the tens of G4 is not gonna be the most power packed chipset either. In a leaked benchmark score it’s scored about 1082 points in the single core score and 3121 points in the multicore score, so it’s not the most powerful one but this is prototype thing so what we’ll have to wait for it to get more optimized to see actual result but

Another thing is that there’re only three cameras and autofocusing system. so yeah, that’s probably all the things that we have about the Google pixel fold too as of now.


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