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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Official Launch Date & Price is Here (All about Galaxy AI)

Recently we got to see Galaxy S24 series Official looking renders and that clearly shows a lot of design changes even in the standard Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models.

Galaxy S24 Series Launch Date

Yet they will still make you think that they are the Galaxy S23 series because of the design language, but actually they aren’t. There so many more changes but before everything, when they are coming? well the “Galaxy AI” powered phones according to Samsung leaked materials will be coming on 18th of January 2024(South Korean time) or 17th of January in San Jose, California, which is where the live event will be held.

In the last report I’ve already showcased you all the major specs and the changes of the Galaxy S24 series including the Galaxy S24 and the S24 plus and the Galaxy S24 Ultra model. But here I’m gonna touch on the other things that you might have missed.

Galaxy S24 Series Powered By “Galaxy AI”

Like there is gonna be a new call translation feature, for you to easily communicate with others even in other languages using live on device AI transcription and translation. Another new feature called photo Ramster is coming too. Now this is something actually using the snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for galaxy chipset & it’s AI capabilities to upscale the photos to a much higher resolution and also the details.

so when you swipe up on the photo in the gallery, it will have three options portrait, ramster and delete.

And the second thing coming to the ultra model is that ND filter? Now this feature is gonna be kept for the raw photos and it is also not confirmed if it is coming to the ultra model only or for the whole series. But this is a great feature nonetheless in many scenarios.

The next thing is that the galaxy phones will be able to capture 24 megapixels photos instead of 12 megapixels by default. This is a big jump because if it’s a default resolution, then there is not going to be that much shutter lag plus it will be much more higher in details. Much better than the 12 megapixel photos any given day. So you don’t actually have to have capture 50 megapixels or 200 MP photos to just get better details while compromising the storage.

The Galaxy S24 series will be all about AI, so there gonna be even more AI features like you can draw circle anything on the screen and it will automatically do a search on it. Plus the default Voice recorder can actually recognize and identify up to 10 different voices and all of that will be visible in the transcriptions.

In case you want wallpapers with specific things or colors, you will have AI generated wallpapers features, Samsung will also allow you to have weather effects and portrait depth effects for the lock screen, finally.

Also, we can see satellite connectivity is finally coming to the Galaxy S24 Series thanks to this leaked screenshot of One UI 6.1 software. This emergency text via satellite is a big thing even if its not something normal people will use.

satellite connectivity is finally coming to the Galaxy S24 Series

These new AI capabilities will require a better cooling solution as well. For this reason, all Galaxy S24 models will apparently come with bigger vapor chamber cooling systems. The S24 Ultra will supposedly have a 1.9 times bigger chamber, the S24 Plus will have a 1.5 times larger cooling chamber, and the S24 will have a 1.6x bigger chamber.

Galaxy S24 Series Price is a Big Deal

And the last and the most biggest thing, the Price. we haven’t heard anything big about the price until recently. According to korea economic daily, Samsung Galaxy S24 series will have so many of these features without any price hike.

According to the report, one of the biggest reason for that is actually probably the Exynos chip in the standard Galaxy S24 models in certain markets. So Samsung saved certain money over there to make the phone cheaper in almost every single market.

So technically this Galaxy S24 lineup will look like this, $799 for the base Galaxy S24, $999 for the Galaxy S24 plus and 1199 bucks for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

That is Actually really good. But there are so many other upgrades in the Design, Display, Processing Power and majorly in the Quad Telephoto Camera System. You can check out my recent article on that.


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